Saturday, January 07, 2012

Storage Space

We live in a small house. If you haven't been here or seen the tour, go here. Anyways, since having two kids, and one of them a curious toddler, our space has not increased but our amount of stuff has :) We have acquired a few (larger) things recently we needed to find space for.

Item One: a Chariot.

We needed a double stroller we could use in winter on snowy sidewalks. Otherwise I am not going to survive this winter. I do NOT want to drive everywhere like I did last winter when I was pregnant. We did some research, and after hearing many recommendations, decided to go with a Chariot Cheetah. We got Chanukah/Christmas/birthday money from our parents and this is what it went towards. Thanks to my parents and Dave's parents!

Dave put the Chariot together today and it took up quite a bit of space in our living room. As for now it is being stored by our front door (see below) but we will need to find a new home for it. I think we may have to get rid of some of our other strollers and make room for this one in the shed.

Item Two: a Tutu

Miss Rachel got an adorable tutu for Christmas from my parents. It is made by Polka Dot Piggy Designs and I LOVE it!!! However it doesn't hang up easily (on a hanger, that is) and we don't have an empty shelf for it. Where to put it when not in use? That was the question...

Well, Miss Rachel is in a new bassinet, having outgrown the Moses Basket, and we needed to move things around in our room to make her new bed fit. So the mural we painted above her Moses Basket is now above her change table and above her bed was empty. Well not anymore! A handy nail and the tutu makes a lovely wall decoration when not in use!

Item Three: a Sheep

As you may, or may not, remember Rachel received a sheep from Auntie Erin, Uncle Jason, Liam and Ainsley for Christmas. It is super-cute and Rachel loves it. It is also quite large. This post would be complete if we had found a place to put this already, but we haven't. So if you have any ideas, please let us know. Otherwise the sheep will continue to hang out where it is right now. On the living room floor!

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