Who We Are

Natasha -- I am Natasha. I am the main contributor to this blog. When there's not a Covid-19 pandemic, I am a substitute secretary/library clerk for the school board. This combines my love of organization and detail with my love of reading. Oh yes, I LOVE to read and participate in readathons a few times a year. I also love traveling, baseball, and finding fun things to do with my family.

You can learn more about me from this blog post here. Even though I wrote it almost five years ago, not much has changed, although I have rediscovered my passion for baseball :)

Dave -- Hello, my name is Dave. I work at a local tech company that provides software for nursing homes and in my spare time I enjoy playing music (mostly folk tunes), reading (although not as much as Natasha), and playing with my kids. I love traveling to new places, telling terrible jokes to my kids, and trying new snack flavours (the more unexpected the better). I am an occasional blog poster, popping in for special events like Natasha's birthday and road trip recaps.

Sam -- My name is Sam. I'm 12. I like reading and baseball (playing and watching) and saying, "YEET." I live with my family, as opposed to on my own in a random hut in Kyrgyzstan. I like cats. They are good.

Rachel -- Hello! My name is Rachel. I am nine years old, almost ten. I like bunnies, playing with Sam, and being outdoors. I also like to play with my family and friends and have fun. I also love to swim and dance.

all photos from TEH Photography (find her here), November 2020.

*updated April 2021

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