Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015: The Highlights!

2015 was quite the year for our family. Except for Dave, not one of us is doing the same thing we were at this time last year. And even Dave is on a different team, with a different manager, at work. Although this year had its stresses, I'm going to highlight some of my favourite things from each month.

January 2015
Dave turned 33 and we attempted a photo booth for his party.

February 2015
We enjoyed spending two weeks in Mexico with my parents.

March 2015

This was a HUGE month for our family as we embarked on an 18 day Southern Road Trip. We spent some time in Virginia and South Carolina with our best friends, Tim, Janice, Tessa, and Willem.
Then we headed home through Georgia, South Carolina (again!), North Carolina, and Washington, DC. We got to turn some blog friends into real life friends and it was so amazing.
And in case that wasn't enough excitement for March, Sam turned 6 at a dinosaur themed party.

April 2015

Sam lost his first tooth.
 And I participated in my first 24 Hour Readathon! Which I loved!

May 2015

May started with my birthday where I was showered with flowers from all of my friends.
Rachel had her Introduction to Kindergarten visit and her last day of preschool ever.
And both Rachel and I got drastic haircuts.

June 2015
June was when we started our summer love affair with baseball, especially the Toronto Blue Jay.
And on the same day Rachel turned four (which we celebrated with a Funny Bunny themed birthday party) and got her first "medicure," Sam also graduated from Kindergarten.
And Dave and I celebrated our anniversary by going rock climbing.

July 2015
Sam went to sleepaway camp for the first time, and Rachel had her first swimming lessons on her own, in July.
I enjoyed each and every bouquet from my flower share.
We finished with our family flyer route, Dave and I got FitBits, and after four and a half years of being a stay-at-home mom, I went back to work.
August 2015

August was another big month for our family what with a week in Saskatchewan with Oma and Opa, refinishing our floors, and getting rid of the potty!
We also spent a weekend in New York celebrating Dave's cousin's wedding, seeing some sights, and of course, watching some baseball.

September 2015

We unexpectedly acquired a trampoline and Sam started French Immersion in Grade 1. And Rachel started her elementary school career with a bang.
We went to one final Blue Jays game.

October 2015

The fall was hard as we adjusted to our new schedule and it all came to a head in October. But we did enjoy some more baseball...
...and Sam participated in the readathon with me!

November 2015

We had fun in the leaves and Dave and I upgraded from a double to a queen bed!

December 2015

We enjoyed celebrating Chanukah and Christmas and Rachel's first school program.
And we enjoyed celebrating Christmas with Oma and Opa.
Looking back on 2015 I can't believe how much we packed into one year. Thank you to all of you for your encouragement and support as you followed along with our adventures.

2016, so far, is looking to be a quieter year but who knows what the future holds. Whatever happens, I hope that you all have a Happy New Year and I'll see you back here next year! Or on Monday, whichever you prefer :)