Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sam and feathers at the Zoo

Sam had Teddy Bear Gang at the zoo again on Wednesday. This week the theme was feathers. And was Sam ever able to get up close and personal with feathers. As a special treat this week, Daddy got to come to the zoo too!

Sam inspects a peacock feather.

Sam got to check out an ENTIRE wing.
This might have been an owl wing???

Sam waving his feather around,
right in Daddy's face!

The quail runs around on the rug
while Sam checks it out.

Sam got to pet the quail.

Next, Sam got to check out a chicken.
Or the chicken got to check out Sam!

Sam petting the checking.
And by "petting" we mean, "ruffling its feathers."

Daddy helps Sam pet the chicken nicely.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Sam at the Zoo

Today Sam had his first Teddy Bear Gang experience. Teddy Bear Gang is a program where kids 9 months - 2 years can experience the Edmonton Valley Zoo up close and personal. The emphasis today was on fur. Here are some pictures, which Opa took, of Sam's experience.

Feeling the tail of a snow leopard.

The armadillo was shy but then raced, quickly,
around the room. It had fur on it's legs.

Sam petting the armadillo's hard skin.

Sam LOVED watching the spider monkeys.
They were so active that there was lots to see.

Sam got to feed a carrot to an alpaca.
This is the greedy alpaca trying to
eat Sam's carrot out of turn.

This is the non-greedy alpaca who
attempted to eat Sam's carrot.

Sadly, it failed and the greedy alpaca
got it instead. Sam thought the carrot was for
him so cried when the alpaca ate it.

Sam riding his new car

Sam loves riding his new car. Or, excuse me, tow truck. Anyways, here he is giggling up a storm with Oma (in the background) and Opa (filming)!

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Sam's party

Everything's all set up for the party. Sam is "wearing" his party hat and opening his first card!

Sam didn't quite know what to do with the candle although, after we showed him, he did attempt to blow it out. Unsuccessfully!

Sam enjoyed the chocolate cupcake we let him have at!

Making Sam's cakes!

We made Sam's cupcake cake and it was a lot of fun! Here are pictures of the process.

Preparing the cupcakes!

Turning twelve chocolate cupcakes into one turtle!

Dave turned the six extra cupcakes into Squishy Turtle's friends. They were awesome!!!