Monday, June 09, 2008

Of Chuppah poles and house progress

The first weekend in June we made another quick trip to Saskatoon; waiting until we could get back in August just seemed too far away. The main event of the weekend was getting the chuppah poles for our wedding ready to go.

First of all, Natasha's dad and Dave cut down a tree from Natasha's parents' new place to be the fourth pole. (The other three poles had already been cut down at Natasha's parents' old place.)

After cutting down the tree, all the poles needed to have their bark taken off -- at least, according to Natasha's dad they did :) Dave really enjoyed that job!

Next, Natasha's dad smoothed them out with some special equipment. You can see the deck with lovely flowers in the background. And of course, Natasha's mom, probably enjoying some coffee.

Taking the poles into the house so Natasha's dad could cut samples of them for Dave's parents wasn't strictly necessary, but I think Dave's parents appreciated the samples. Plus, it gave Natasha a chance to get this lovely picture of the newly framed windows!

And just check out all the space... This will be the living room/dining room when the house is finished.

The floor of the master bedroom is starting to be built. (This used to be the sunken living room.)

A view from the dining room to the kitchen. Beyond you can see that the office walls are framed. You can also see the front door to the right.

As one last task, we assembled the mosquito tent/outdoor dining room before we left. Unfortunately, a huge windstorm undid our work in a very short amount of time, just a few days after we left. Sigh.

And that was the last of our Saskatoon visits before we headed off to Ontario for our wedding.