Wednesday, June 29, 2022

What's Up Wednesday: June 2022

Hello, I'm back.

Contrary to what it looks like on the blog, I did not fall off the face of the earth because of Covid. The reasons I haven't blogged in a month -- Covid recovery, a couple of birthdays, and working in a school in June. I've seriously had no energy for anything else. But in one short week I will be done work for the summer and am hoping to have some time to catch up on blogging -- both filling you in on our lives and catching up with all of yours.

Since I ended with a "What's Up Wednesday" post I thought I'd come back with a "What's Up Wednesday" post" and, as always with this post, I'm linking up with Shay at Mix and Match Mama and Sheaffer at Sheaffer Told Me To.
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What we're eating this week... Strawberries have been the name of the game around here -- fresh strawberry pie and strawberries and ice cream. There is not much better at this time of year than a fresh strawberry.

Sadly, we haven't yet had our annual "strawberries and ice cream summer kickoff breakfast" but I think that will happen on Friday. Yay!!!

What I'm reminiscing about... Well today is my and Dave's 14th wedding anniversary, so while I should be reminiscing about that...
... I'm actually reminiscing about the amazing 50th birthday party that Dave threw for me. My bartender (aka my dad) and his paramour (aka my mom) flew out for the weekend, as did one of my aunts from Alberta. It was a great weekend of celebrating and my party exceeded my wildest expectations. I felt so well celebrated and hope that each and every one of you get a day where you feel as loved and special as I did on my party day.

What I'm loving... Lately, Dave and I have been having early morning coffee (or coffee-hot chocolate) in our backyard before I head off for work and it is the highlight of my day. I can't wait until next week when I won't have to rush off to work after our early mornings together. I'll still be rushing off (as it were) but it will be to get the kids to swimming and tennis lessons so it feels a little different.


Also, even though it was happening during the day, I had this dream of lights in our tree for my party so I bought a string of solar lights. Well, our poor tree looked really bare so I've added another two strings and it's starting to reach my vision of loveliness. Now I just need to be done work so I can enjoy sitting out there, under the lights at night. I've been going to bed too early to see them go on most nights. Hahaha!

What we've been up to... Besides 50th birthday parties and weekends with my aunts, I've been meeting blog friends (!!!)...
(sooooo excited to get to meet Dara of Not In Jersey and Sarah of Toronto SAM!!!)
... we've been driving to Toronto a lot (to meet blog friends, to visit other friends, to pick my parents up from the airport)...
... we had the end of school (for the kids) only one kid's last day was quashed by a positive Covid test (booo)...
...and we've had neighbourhood soccer evenings, CSA pickups, and all the other June happenings -- it's been a very full, and exciting, month!  

What I'm dreading... Not a thing. Summer vacation starts next week for me and I am so ready for it!!!
What I'm working on... I'm working on all the tasks that secretaries need to do to finish up the school year. As of today, I have four days left of work and there's a lot to do. Other than that, I'm working on making my "list of things to get done this summer". And blogging -- I hope to be working on blogging.
What I'm excited about... I am thrilled that I got hired to be the full-time Head Secretary at my current school for all of next school year!!!!!!!! Unfortunately, it's still a temporary position but I am hopeful it will become permanent at some point, which would be beyond amazing. I am so happy to be returning to this school and to know what I will be doing when August comes. This is the first year since working for the board, that my position for the upcoming year is settled before the end of June.

What I'm watching/reading... I'm really not watching much of anything these days. I guess I've been watching my piles of laundry grow and our house getting messier. Thankfully, it's mostly clean piles of laundry which just need to be folded but still... As for the messy house, well, that's next week's project :)

And how long until summer break (four more days) so that I can get back into some good reading again?!?! Yep, I'm still off my reading stride and hoping to gain it back this summer.

What I'm listening to... Well, I'm no longer listening to the students at school because they've all started their summer vacation! It was a crazy few weeks of excited students and music playing and phones ringing. It's been a lot quieter since they all left.
What I'm wearing... Skirts and t-shirts to work, shorts and t-shirts otherwise. I've also been wearing this really pretty "family" necklace which one of my friends gave me for my birthday. I love how delicate it is. Each of my family members has a loop and I love it!

What I'm doing this weekend... We're going to see a Blue Jays game with a friend we haven't spent some time with in way too long. (I hope. Sam having Covid may wreck that plan, which is okay because out of all the weeks of summer for him to have Covid, this is a pretty good one.) And we'll be getting the kids ready for a week at the pool. And I'll be getting ready for my last two days of work for the school year! It's going to be a full weekend!!!

What I'm looking forward to next month... Being off work for the summer and our big summer trip to Europe. By the time next "What's Up Wednesday" rolls around, we'll be off on our big adventure!!! I can't wait!!!!!!!

Amazon purchases... We rarely buy things off Amazon but I saw a teacher wearing a dress and loved it. So I ordered one off Amazon. Another few staff members have also ordered variations of this dress. It's great for working in schools and it has pockets!!! The link is here if you're interested, and it also comes with long sleeves.

What else is new... Last fall half our fence fell down and our neighbour said they would fix it. Well, it got a little more broken, and took eight months, but this week we came home and the fence was fixed!!!! We were all thrilled and every time I walk out our back door, I'm so so so happy to see the fence again. (It had to be fixed by being attached to our neighbours' house so Dave and I didn't feel like we could do that.)


Well, that's what's up with me (us) this Wednesday. Bring on summer and (hopefully) bring on more blogging :)