Sunday, March 29, 2009

Attila's due date!

So Attila is technically due today. Well he/she seems to be happy in the comfortable home Natasha is providing, although we are guessing that he/she might be starting to feel a little squashed in there :) We're looking forward to meeting our little one whenever he/she decides it's time to make an appearance in the outside world!

Natasha and Attila on his/her due date.

All Attila!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

March nursery additions

While March has not been as busy as February in the nursery there are still a few new additions. We have decided to go with a diaper service and about a week ago we got our first delivery! Attila's bottom will be arrayed in brightly coloured cloth diapers. (Unless we're traveling -- in which case we'll use disposables.) And here is the change table all stocked!
We also have a lot of bibs, burp clothes, and washcloths ready to go. They are waiting to go in our handy IKEA hanging-thing.
And last, but not least, Dave installed a closet bar so we can hang some clothes of Attila's -- once he/she moves beyond sleepers and onesies. Dave also spent some time hanging pictures (of which we don't have pictures!) so now all we need to have a complete nursery is... Attila!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Car

Because of Attila's impending arrival, we needed a new car. Specifically, we wanted a car which had four doors so that we wouldn't need to be lifting a baby in and out of the back seat of a hatchback. So much as we loved our old car, we did some research, and decided to invest in a Toyota Matrix. Here are some pictures of both our old car -- Good bye Sean :( -- and our new car -- Hello Car-yet-to-be-named.

Natasha and Attila with Sean (our old car) in front of our house,
the day we traded him in. Natasha is still sad about this :(

With only 58km on the odometer when we
left the dealership this car really IS new!

Dave in front of our new car, which is parked in front of our house.

Another view of the new car. With the four
doors it really is more family-friendly.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dave the midwife!

This past Saturday, Barbara, our midwife, came to our house for a home visit. Even though we are delivering at the hospital, she wanted to see our space, since we plan to labour here as long as possible. It will be more comfortable/fun/easier to be at home to do as much labouring here, in our opinion!

Anyways, at the past few appointments Dave has gotten to be a lot more involved in finding and listening to Attila's heartbeat. Since we were at home, we asked Barbara to take a few pictures. The first picture is Dave using a wooden horn, which has an official name, but I forget what it is. The second picture is Dave using the Doppler. This means that I can hear it too!

As you can tell, it's still exciting for us to hear Attila's heartbeat. It's also kind of funny because the Doppler measures the heartbeat as it picks it up and when Barbara prodded Attila his/her heartbeat went up to 170 beats a minute. Before that it was in the 130-140 range :) Obviously, Attila doesn't like being prodded!

(For those who care, Attila was exactly 37 weeks in this picture, which is considered full term.)