Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Rachel: Dressed by Dave's family!

When Dave's family came to visit this summer they brought some outfits for Rachel. She is modeling them below. First a pair of pants which Andrea bought for her. And the butt is soooo cute :) (And the arms are blurry in the front picture because Rachel was moving and wouldn't stay still! Ha ha ha!)

Second, a pair of sleepers Lily bought for Rachel. I especially like the bows on the snaps and Dave likes the caterpillar feet!

Thank you to Andrea and Lily for such cute outfits :)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


So the City of Edmonton has been doing construction on 99th Street this summer
and it is definitely going to be going on well into the fall too!

Yesterday they were tearing up the road right on our corner.

Sam, Rachel and I walked to the yoga place and sat on the stairs and watched.

We were there for about half an hour before lunch
and for about half an hour after Sam's nap.

It was very exciting for Sam!
He didn't stop smiling the entire hour we were out there.

And the highlight for him was when the drivers' returned his wave
and even honked their horns for him!

I have to admit: I thought it was pretty cool to see too.
Especially when they lifted up HUGE chunks of the road.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Random Things I Want to Remember

So there are a few random things I want to remember so I'm writing a post about them to help me.

First of all, as of Friday, August 19, 2011, our kids are no longer in cloth diapers :( Sadly, after we got back from Saskatoon both kids were peeing through on a fairly regular basis and going through numerous outfits a day. We talked with friends of ours and they said that cloth diapers eventually didn't work for their kids either AND that Edmonton is one of the few cities which actually composts disposable diapers. And we were going to go to disposables when we move back to KW too so it's not that far off. Anyway I am sad to say good-bye to the cloth diaper era of our life.

Sam says some pretty neat/funny/observant things and I want to remember them.
1) Good morning Cat-Bobs! (Greeting the Bobcats outside of our hotel room in Regina in July)
2) There's the walking-man! (Traffic light for crossing the street)
3) I'M. ALL. DONE.
4) I want it "bi-i-i-ig." (ie. Don't cut it smaller!)
5) Speaking to Baby Rachel in his high, squeaky voice.
6) There was a car crash. (See below. I think this comes from Richard Scary's Cars and Trucks and Things That Go)
7) I got a goal! I'm playing in The Stanley Cup for Vancouver!

I think that's all for now but Man! Is he going through a cute stage, or what?!?! Below he is proudly showing off his "Awesome Big Brother" sticker from Alissa. He loves it! And I've figured out how to carry clean laundry and Miss Rachel at the same time! Ha!

This morning I heard Rachel fussing and when I looked to see what was wrong I saw this:

Sam decided she needed some of her stuffed animals. Rachel was not impressed. I think maybe she was a little freaked out.

Sam is no longer in his high chair. Sadly, we didn't get a picture of him eating his first meal in his booster seat but we did get a picture of the second one he ate there. He has been doing really well with this transition. Now to get rid of the soothers and diapers...

And before Rachel was born, Hannah, Elena and Marcia knew we were having a girl and gave us a whole bunch of clothes for her. As I sorted, washed and folded all these sweet clothes I imagined Rachel wearing certain outfits and what she would look like. The outfit below is one that I fell in love with immediately and couldn't wait for her to wear. Sadly, it isn't the greatest picture but it is a totally cute and frilly pink one piece outfit. I LOVE it on her!

And that's the end of Random Things for today!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Busy Day!

Yesterday was a busy day! We did a lot of different things. First of all, Sam had his last meal in his highchair :( It's exciting to have him transition to a booster seat but it's still kind of sad. Sam was being totally goofy so it was hard to get a good picture of him.

Then we went to a Temple Beth Ora meet-up for young families at Cafe O Play. David, Stephanie and Baby Raya were there so it was nice to see them again. We also met Jennifer, Beverly and Shane. Rachel wore an outfit which Anali, David, and Stefan sent to her. She looked adorable! And then she spit up all over it :) Such is life.

Here is a picture of Shane, Rachel and Raya, some of TBO's newest members!

Marcia, Jason and Olivia gave Sam the outfit he is wearing below for his birthday. It is super-cute on him and he LOVES wearing his "monkey shirt." They gave Rachel the outfit she is wearing below for a baby gift. I LOVE the colours in the skirt and think it looks like material from the 70s. So funky! Anyways, I've been meaning to get a picture of them together in these outfits and I finally did. Yay!

After Sam's (non)nap we walked to Dollarama and Save-On to get a few things. At Dollarama we got some bristol board for a project I am working on with Sam. At Save-On I don't remember what we had to get. Anyway it was a lovely day for a walk. Dave and I are trying to build more walking into our routine after a lazy summer in Saskatoon! Sam wanted to push Rachel in the stroller and he did amazingly well, given the length of the double stroller.

After supper Sam wanted to paint some more. I think he really enjoyed painting his name letters the day before so I came up with another project for him to work on. He really enjoyed it.

And I enjoyed mixing colours to make other colours! And taking pictures of the pretty colours too :)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sam's Big Brother Gift

Sam received quite a few gifts from people as "the big brother" when Rachel was born. One of the gifts he received from Auntie Sheri, Naden and Tevan was wooden letters to paint. Over the past few days we have had time to get these letters painted and I think they turned out really well. Below is the process in pictures:

The letters before they were painted.

I painted them white to give Sam some background to work with.

Sam picked the colours he wanted for each letter.
Here he is starting on the "S".

Then he decided to do the "M."

More paint needed on the "M."

Sam enjoyed the freedom of holding the green paint
in the container while he worked on the "A."

The finished product drying.

The finished product without the newspaper
in the background. We are going to hang this above his crib.

We had so much fun doing this project! Thank you so much Auntie Sheri, Naden and Tevan!!!

Friday, August 26, 2011

More Comparisons

So last night Rachel wore an outfit which I absolutely love! It was made for Sam by a friend of Dave's family and it is an adorable knit outfit with many different colours. I think it makes my kids look like elves when they wear it :) On the left is Rachel and on the right is Sam. It's fun to see my kids in the same outfits.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

She's a GIRL!!!

Today I put Rachel in an outfit which we received as a baby gift when Sam was born. I thought Rachel looked really cute and Dave thought Rachel looked like a boy. So I put a bow in her hair. Then she definitely looked girl-ly and also hysterical :)

And for interest's sake, here is a picture of Sam in the same outfit :)

KHRG Summer gathering

Yesterday was the Summer Gathering for KHRG, my former workplace. It was a BBQ and Bocce tournament at Hawrelak Park. It was a lot of fun. Sam liked playing with all the different balls and the frisbee. I enjoyed talking to people and it was neat to discover Hawrelak Park a little more. Sam also loved the fact that there were "Cana Gooses" to chase! It was a fun gathering and I'm glad we could go.