Monday, December 14, 2015

#firstworldproblems -- The Return

The #firstworldproblem post I wrote in July really seemed to resonate with all of you. And although I got a request to make it a regular part of my blog routine, I haven't had the chance to write another one. However last week I was feeling inspired so I have another post for you of my current #firstworldproblems (fwp). And to make things a little more interesting, I've divided them into categories.
It's a #laundryfwp that it's still nice enough to hang laundry outside but cold enough that I have to go inside halfway through a load and thaw my fingers. (It's also a #laundryfwp that I can't wear gloves and use clothespins at the same time which would solve the "frozen finger" problem.)
It's a #bathroomfwp that our new toilet seat is a "slow close" and sometimes, when I desperately have to pee, it is up. So I have to do a little dance while I wait for it to close.
Speaking of #bathroomfwps, why can't the dispenser on my soap line up with the front of my soap. Does the front face forward, or do I line the dispenser up so it's facing forward? Help. This is also an #OCDfwp.
Continuing on with #OCDfwps, it's a problem that although Dave nicely dried and put away my Fiestaware cups and saucers after my book club, he just mixed them all together.
This is much better. However, do I put the dark red before or after the dark green? Do the two reds and the two greens stay together or should I move the light green to its proper position in the lightest to darkest scheme? I'm never happy with my solution even though this is definitely another #OCDfwp.
It's a definite #churchfwp that my desk is not big enough to hold everything I need to reference in order to plan a worship service. I had three hymnals, the church directory, an e-mail open on both my computer and the iPad (and honestly, I could have used a third device to have another e-mail conversation open), the phone, and my Bible. Oh and a few other important papers. It was a little complicated.
It's also a #churchfwp that as of the first Thursday in Advent, our Advent wreath still wasn't assembled. And even though yesterday was the third Sunday in Advent, we still haven't lit our second candle. Yikes.
It's a #fitbitfwp that the day after getting this badge my ankles were so sore I could hardly do stairs at all. #nopainnogain

So these are some of my #firstworldproblems from the last few weeks. Can you relate to any of these? Do you want to share any of yours?


  1. I guess my first world problem is that our brand new refrigerator (thanks google for the spelling on that one) only came with one shelf. It is quite unmanageable, and we're too cheap to pay for an additional $30 shelf. I think Matt is going to make one...

  2. 1. I have never heard of a slow closing toilet seat!

    2. YES YES YES on the soap!

    3. DAVE!!!????!!! No mixing the dish colors! LOL!!!

    I loved this post! Such fun!

    1. 1) Best thing ever. Except when you have to pee badly!

      2) I'm glad I'm not the only one bothered by the soap.

      3) I'm mostly just thankful he washes and dries them!

  3. YES to the soap - drives me crazy!!!

  4. I love this post! I don't know how to fix the soap problem. I wish I knew.

  5. Ummmm YES to the soap problem. UGH. You wouldn't think that would be too hard. However, I think I'd have to go a little more Dave-style on the Fiestaware. I think that figuring out the proper color order would be a little too stressful/high maintenance, so I'd rather just mix it all together for a more eclectic look. ;) I do not, however, use this philosophy in my closet. ROY G BIV all the way there!

  6. OCDfwps...haha! I have so many of those! ;-)


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