Monday, December 21, 2015

The Weekend What Of Celebrating!

As expected, our weekend was excellent! It started with the arrival of Oma and Opa shortly after we got home from school on Friday. Yay! Then we had our Care Group Chanukah celebration. Dave made latkes (in the snow, accompanied by Tim and Nolan. Thanks guys!).
photo on the right thanks to Tim!
We found out Tim has a double who is a Southern Gospel Singer and the kids had their annual, epic game of driedel.
Then they built an amazing chocolate structure!
photo courtesy of Tessa

Saturday morning started with taking down all the Chanukah decorations and starting to put up the Christmas ones. The kids were excited to decorate their own trees. 
I love how Sam had a whole colour scheme for his. He is his mother's son :) And Dave made the origami Stars of Bethlehem for the tops of the trees.
After lunch it was Christmas Tree getting time.
And then after supper it was Christmas Tree decorating time!
And then Rachel went to sleep in her new Big Girl Bed which Dave and my dad put together for her that morning.
Yesterday we went to church, visited with Dave's parents and sister in the afternoon, and Dave and I finished up some Christmas shopping. It was a good weekend.


  1. I love the picture of the four of you walking in the snow at the tree farm. I'm dreaming of a White Christmas but unfortunately it is going to be 70F and rainy here in Georgia....
    :) Glad your folks are there too!

  2. To think that next year you'll be picking up Christmas first since hanukkah doesn't start till the 24th!

  3. Tim totally has a twin. Haha! And I love all of your Christmas trees. The kids' trees always look just perfect just the way they want them. And yay for Miss Rachel getting a new big girl bed. I love it! And yes, a snowy day at the tree farm would have been ideal instead of the unseasonably warm day we had.


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