Friday, January 06, 2012

Turning Strangers Into Friends

So today I was supposed to meet Sheri, Naden and Tevan at Cafe O Play but due to unfortunate circumstances they couldn't make it so I decided to go on my own. When I got there, there was quite the waitlist. So I asked another woman who appeared to be on her own if she wanted to share a table and help reduce the waitlist. She said yes so I met someone new and it was nice to have someone to talk to a little and to watch Rachel when I went to the bathroom.
Miss Rachel just hung out in an exersaucer for the longest time and she was "talking" up a storm. Okay, to be honest, she was "yelling" up a storm. But it was happy yelling. Sam played and played and played, as usual. And there was so much going on that Rachel didn't nap at all, which surprised me. Usually she'll nap for a bit. Oh well.

Then we came home and Rachel slept for a bit and Sam and I had lunch. Sam ate the weirdest lunch today -- he finished off his oatmeal and yogurt from breakfast and then he had cottage cheese and salami. Strange I know, but he seemed quite happy with it.

When I walked into the living room after eating some lunch myself and dealing with Miss Rachel I found Sam lying on the floor reading his Little Critter book. I thought he looked so cute I just had to take some pictures and share them with you.

And that was a slice of my day!

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