Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ice on Whyte Videos

In addition to the various photos of Ice on Whyte in yesterday's post, we also took a bunch of videos of our visit.

Here are Sam and Dave, sliding down a (relatively) small ice slide.
Sam exploring an ice maze. The walls were just high enough to block Sam's view, so he had a good time meandering through the maze.
Sam zipping down a big ice slide, head-first no less! Apparently the head-first technique was entirely his idea, and he launched himself down the slide just as Natasha was asking if she was allowed to go down with him :)
Dave making his way down the big ice slide. As Natasha observed upon Dave's arrival at the bottom, "Adults kinda slow down, don't they!"
Dave and Sam going through the obstacle course. We only realized afterwards that the icy bannisters at the end were meant to be slid on separately (that is, one person per bannister), rather than each of us using both bannisters to awkwardly shuffle along the ground.

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