Friday, January 27, 2012

Kool Present

Dave's classmate and friend, Barry and his family, gave Sam and Rachel an awesome gift for Christmas! In fact, I might be more excited about it than Sam or Rachel :) It's a Kool-Aid pitcher with glasses, a funky spoon and a fun ice cube tray. The other day we tested it out. Well actually I went to a yoga class and Sam and Dave were charged with making the Kool-Aid.

Sam waiting to make Kool-Aid with the pitcher.

Dumping in the sugar.

Stirring the sugar and water together.

Checking out the "kool" colour having just added the first packet of Kool-Aid.
It was lemon-lime if you must know!

Stirring the Kool-Aid powder in.

Dumping in the second packet of Kool-Aid.
It was orange.

Making sure everything is well mixed.

Excited about drinking the cold Kool-Aid out of the cups.
Complete with "kool" ice cubes!

Such a good treat!

Thanks again Barry and family. We love it!

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