Sunday, January 29, 2012

Happy Birthday(s)!

Today's post is all about birthdays!

First of all we went to the first birthday party of this little girl. It was fun and crazy with all the kids. I enjoyed catching up with some of my MOPS friends because we haven't been together in a few weeks. The cake was adorable...

...and Sam playing with the balloons was even more adorable!

Unfortunately the party was right over nap time which you can tell from the tired look on Sam's face in the second picture. He ended up not napping today and was in bed at 7:23 and probably asleep by 7:25! Ha ha ha!!!

Also today it is my Grandma Krahn's birthday. These are all pictures from our wedding but I think every other picture I have of her from more recently is already on here :)

And for some reason I really love this picture of my dad and my grandma together. It is just so sweet!

Anyway I talked to Grandma tonight and Sam talked to her too and asked her if she got cake for her birthday! And he told her he was playing with trains. I think they enjoyed talking to each other :)

Happy Birthday Grandma!

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