Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Open Your Mouth

So Miss Rachel is a little odd in that as soon as she gets hungry (for solid food) she starts this low-grade whining that only intensifies when you put her in the bouncy seat and put a bib on her. But then as soon as you have food on her spoon, ready for her to eat she Clamps. Her. Mouth. Shut. It's beyond frustrating.

(I love how you can see her two bottom teeth in this picture!)

So then to get her to eat you have to go "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!" or some other trick to get her mouth open. Yesterday I started asking, in a really annoying voice, "Who's a happy baby? Who's a happy baby?" and Rachel started laughing and opening her mouth really wide.

Then later in the day Sam started saying, "Who's a happy baby? Who's a happy baby?" in the same tone, which is how I figured out it was really annoying! But at least it worked.

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