Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Knut's mural

So I'm finally doing a post about Knut's mural. As I (probably) mentioned earlier, we painted a mural on Sam's wall while he was in utero, and even though Knut only gets a corner of our room we still wanted to do something special for him/her. So below are the stages of the mural. We had fun painting it. Enjoy!

The pencil outline for the hippo.
Along with the sample hippo on the right :)
If you look closely you can see the pencil
outline for the giraffe!
The giraffe has one coat done!!!
I'm filling in the outline of the hippo.
Don't I look happy?!?!?
The first coat is done!
Dave adding the second coat to the giraffe.
Dave adding the final details to the giraffe.
Dave with the finished giraffe.
I think it looks awesome!
The finished hippo. I think it looks a little
funny but I can say that because I painted it :)
The finished mural!
Hopefully Knut likes it :)

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