Friday, June 10, 2011


...waiting and more waiting. That's what has been happening around here. Yesterday we ordered pictures from our session with Heather at Muse Photography. You can check out our particular session here under April 28, 2011, titled "New Life." We had such a good time with Heather and highly recommend her if you're looking for professional pictures in Edmonton.

Then, because our awesome house cleaner, Teresa, was cleaning (Have I mentioned that we LOVE Teresa?!?!?), I took Sam to Cafe O Play. He played for two hours straight, I ate a bagel and read my book. It was a good time. The only bad thing about that place is that Sam pretty much throws a fit every time it's time to leave.

Then we came home, Sam ate lunch and went down for a nap and I took the time to read outside in the sun. I didn't know how many more chances I'll get to do that! Dave grilled hamburgers and veggies for supper and they were SOOOOOO good. Then the City came and cleaned out our drains because a tree root was growing in them and backing up our system. Then Dave had the lovely (or not!) job of cleaning all the crap (some of it literal) off the grate downstairs.

Today we had an appointment with Barb and Tracey, her student. Barb is so confident that Knut will be coming soon that we didn't even schedule an appointment for next week :) Yay!!! Then we stopped at Tim Horton's, washed the car and dropped Sam off at Sheri and Naden's. Dave's eye appointment went well (we were there about an hour) and he got the all-clear from his surgeon. Double Yay!!! No more sleeping with the eye patch and no more trying to remember drops four times a day.

Sam played with Naden for a little after I got there and then we came home and he had a nap and I went outside to read again. Maybe for the last time in a loooong while??? We shall see... Tonight we had supper, watched a bit of the Canucks-Bruins game and went outside to mow the lawn and blow bubbles. We met our next door neighbours. They seem really nice and have two girls -- one older than Sam and one younger than Sam. It seems crazy that this was the first time we were meeting them.

I did dishes, Sam served "cake" (also known as "cars") to us all and Dave played guitar. And in the background the hockey game went on. Our laundry is mostly caught up, our list of things to do is pretty much done, our dishes are under control, and we are waiting. Waiting. WAITING. For Knut to come. Anytime now, sweet baby, anytime now...

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