Sunday, June 12, 2011

40 weeks!

So I think I'm a little confused about timing :) I have been doing my weekly posts on Sundays but I don't think my actual due date is until tomorrow. Sigh. It must be pregnancy brain! Of course, the 10 week ultrasound said my due date was this past Friday but I've always thought it was tomorrow. Of course, due dates mean nothing to Knut and he/she is the one who gets to decide, ultimately.

Anyways, here are Knut and I at 40 weeks (according to my brain). We are definitely ready for this little one to be born so we'll see how soon he/she is ready!

And here is all Knut. And just for interest's sake, also all Sam at the same time. I think I am a little bigger with Knut but I guess it's a little hard to tell. I measure almost four feet around which is a little scary! And if you really care, here is the post I put up on Sam's due date, before we knew he was Sam.

All Knut! All Sam!

To distract ourselves today we went to IHOP (International House of Pancakes) for brunch. We had to wait almost 45 minutes for a table but it was good food and Sam ate a ton so it was worth it. We were thinking of heading out to the Aviation Museum afterward but we (read:I) was too tired so we decided to skip it. We came home and all had naps instead, which I think was a good decision.

So we'll see what kind of posting the next few days brings. I'm sorry this blog has been a little "When is Knut coming?" focused but that's our life right now so at least it's honest!

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