Friday, June 17, 2011


In the interests of documenting life these days, here's what we did on Wednesday.

Dave was on campus all day, I had some energy in the morning so I did (most of) the breakfast dishes and made banana muffins. Mom gave Sam a bath. Dad went to MEC to exchange his shoes. We headed out to Wild Earth Cafe for lunch. That was fun. But it was FREEZING out so instead of going to the library afterward like we had planned, we ended up just heading home. Sam and I had naps and Mom and Dad went grocery shopping.

We had fish and rice pilaf and green beans and AWESOME salad for supper. Vancouver lost the Stanley Cup in Game 7. I was sad. Knut did not arrive. I was sadder. Mom gave me a nice back massage. I was a little happier after that.

We made a plan for Thursday so that if Knut did not arrive at least the day would have a more positive feel. Wednesday was a grey, blah day of waiting and I was in a bad mood by the end of it. Thursday was better. Thankfully.

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