Tuesday, June 14, 2011

(March), June, July, August, September

As I may, or may not, have mentioned, the five of us in New Mom's who have been able to meet regularly for almost two years now were all pregnant at the same time. Sheri has had her baby and the rest of us are still waiting. I wanted a picture of all of us because it has been sooooo fun to share pregnancy together. Last week at New Mom's we were finally all together and were able to take pictures. Thanks to Sheri for sending them to me because my camera batteries died and getting pictures on my camera didn't work. So here we are all lined up in order of due date (and I don't quite know how Sam got in there!):

Me-June, Elena-July, Marcia-August, Jenelle-September

And here we are with Sheri and Baby Tevan, who was born on
March 29. We'll keep adding the babies as they arrive!

I love you New Mom's people and can't wait to share this next stage of our journey together. And I want to add that from our original New Mom's group we also have another mom who gave birth in March and one who is due in October and one in November so we just keep growing and growing!

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