Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Sam's busy day

On Monday Sam had a busy and eventful day. Daddy stayed home in the morning and so we went to swimming lessons. At this point it is easier for me to have someone else get Sam ready for swimming and for me to just be in the pool with him. Thankfully Dave has been able to come for a couple of weeks now. Sam was very cooperative in the pool, kicking while wear arm flotation things, jumping off the side of the pool, and just generally participating well. That has not always been the case this session, unfortunately.

After swimming we dropped Dave off at work. Since his office is quiet this week we thought it might be a good time for Sam to visit and see where Daddy spends a lot of his time. Sam LOVED being at Daddy's desk. According to him, he typed, Skyped with Oma and had "his ears in" (wore headphones). All of Sam's hard work is evidenced in the picture below.

After leaving Daddy's office, we went to the library. Sam was especially excited about being on the train and seeing the fish. We also picked out some new books for Sam, including a couple of new French ones. Dave picked up a French book for Sam last week and Sam has been LOVING it. I don't think my choices were that great but hey! I don't speak all that much French so at least I tried :) It was hard to get a good picture of Sam on the train so the best one is below -- more for documenting that we were there than that it's the world's best picture :)

After all that excitement it was home for lunch and nap. And both Sam and Mommy needed the break!

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