Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Brain Dump

Well, I'm sitting here at 6:36 and realizing I haven't written a blog post for this week. So this is going to be a brain dump/life lately kind of post. Hopefully it makes some sort of sense :)

Last week, my current job, which was supposed to go until October 9th, and had previously been extended by one week, got extended until December 18th! Yes, I will be working full-time until December 18th, which is both awesome and intimidating. I am working at the school board main office so I go into work every day. I miss being in the schools but love having consistent work.

This means that Dave and I have basically switched lives -- I'm the one heading out of the house every morning and he's the one getting the kids off to school and then working from home. Last week he got to experience the joy of working from home with a sick kid. There are some things about our role reversal that I don't really mind :)

I'm hoping and praying (and crossing all my fingers and toes and wishing upon stars) that this weekend we are Covid test free. Yep, every weekend for the past three weekends, one (or more) of us have been getting Covid tests or waiting on results or waiting to get tested. Thankfully, they have all come back negative but I'm done now...

My "big" dilemma these days is that I want to schedule our Fall family photos but I don't really want to get haircuts. Will everybody's Christmas cards have the "2020 lack of haircut" look or is it just our family? Also, normally I don't write a Christmas letter, but I'm wondering if I have to write a Christmas "note" to explain the 2020 hair? Or will everyone just automatically know? Yes, these are the thoughts occupying my brain space these days...

I'm worship leading on Sunday at church. Due to some miscommunication, I was up at 5:30 this morning putting the finishing touches on the service. Now my focus will be on figuring out how to write up the scripture in such a way that Sam and Rachel can share the reading of it together on Sunday. I guess I do have a bit more on my mind than haircuts and photos!

I'm so thrilled that the Tampa Bay Rays and the LA Dodgers won their respective series. I can't wait to watch some World Series baseball. However, I wish some of the games would start a little earlier. This is totally Eastern Standard Time centrality, and I completely recognize that, but I want to watch baseball and still get to bed in a timely matter. For those of you who don't hang on every moment of baseball, all the World Series games start at 8pm EST which means they might be over by 10:30 or 11pm at the earliest... Ugh. I want to watch baseball and go to bed early.

Speaking of baseball, Sam has his last two games of baseball for Fall on Thursday and Friday this week. Last night his coaches asked the kids to send their "walk up music" requests. Yep, Sam will have personalized walk up music for his last at bats and I am so here for it!!! (He picked "Natural" by Imagine Dragons.)

I had my first meeting of a new book club last night. It was with some very dear blog friends and it was so much better than I imagined it might be. Blogging has brought so much good to my life and I really do appreciate each and every one of you who reads here. 2020 has been such a hard year in so many ways but the fact that it has normalized connecting over Zoom with friends near and far is such a gift. I miss hanging out in person with my friends who live nearby but I love that I can hang out on Zoom with friends in another country.

Okay, that's my random brain dump for today. If you made it this far, I applaud you. Come back on Friday for my photo heavy Fall challenge post.

Friday, October 16, 2020

Fall Photo A Day: Part 2

Here is the second week of my Fall photo a day challenge. Unlike last week, all of these pictures were actually taken on the correct day!

image from here

On the Road

I took this picture as Dave was driving me home from getting my second Covid test within a week. That's the only place I've been going lately. Hello 2020 :( (In case you didn't see the news earlier this week, this test did come back negative.)

Lazy Day

Earlier last week, when I knew I had to stay home until my Covid test came back, I tried to sign up for the Hallmark Channel. Sadly, you can't subscribe to it if you don't live in the States :( However, our friends have kindly lent us their TV login and I discovered that we can stream Hallmark-type movies (or sometimes actual Hallmark Movies) on The W Network, a Canadian channel. Whooo hooo!!! So this day was a lazy day of watching two Hallmark Movies with Rachel, and sometimes Dave and Sam too.


It was Thanksgiving Weekend in Canada and many people have their dinners on Sunday rather than on Thanksgiving Monday. Since I'm vegetarian, we didn't make a turkey but we had roasted beets and squash, a special baked potato with cheese my dad introduced us to, and fried shrimp. We enjoyed dinner over Zoom with a good friend of ours who is like family.

In our province, we were encouraged to not have Thanksgiving with people outside of our immediate households which made for a very quiet Thanksgiving weekend.


I didn't intentionally drink out of my "Eight O'Clock" cafe mug but it was a perfect mug for this day's prompt. I got this mug when I went to the popup Central Perk Cafe in New York City almost exactly six years ago. The popup cafe was hosted by the Eight O'Clock Cafe which is how these two things connect! Below is me sitting on a couch you just might be familiar with :)


Every Tuesday between about mid-June and mid-October we go and pick up fresh vegetables from our CSA (community shared agriculture). We have been doing this for nine years now. Sam's favourite Tuesday of the year is when we get to help crack garlic bulbs, and separate them out for planting for the next year. We didn't know if we'd get to help this year (because of Covid), so Sam was thrilled that this past Tuesday was garlic cracking day!!!

And since this appears to be a "throwback" post as well as a "photo challenge" post, here is a picture of Sam on his first garlic cracking Tuesday back in 2013. He was so little!!!


I have been loving our zinnias this year. They are putting on quite the show. These aren't even the most amazing ones but they are the "orange" ones.


My manager brought a huge smile to my face yesterday by treating our team to coffee. It totally made my afternoon on a very grey day! And yes, mine was a coffee-hot chocolate :)

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Falling For Fall

This past Monday was Canadian Thanksgiving. We had our Thanksgiving meal on Sunday night so on Monday we spent some time outside. Fall has arrived with all its beauty and we enjoyed it.
We had to rake the leaves in our front yard so that Dave could mow the lawn. Rachel wanted to play in the leaf pile and I wanted to get some family pictures, so we compromised.
The following is what happened as I tried to set the camera in just the right spot so we could use the self-timer.
Am I ever going to get the camera in the right spot?!?! Thankfully, my family was (mostly) very patient with me in my quest for "the perfect shot."
Success!!! And I think it was totally worth it.
Then I put my camera on "sports mode" and told Rachel to go nuts with the leaves. And she did.
Is it any wonder we love Fall around here?!?!

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

10 On The 10th: October 2020

Welcome to my "10 on the 10th" post for October. This was the Saturday of our Thanksgiving weekend but we had to stay home because I was waiting for the results of my Covid test. Thankfully, it was a pretty relaxing fall day so staying home wasn't too awful. (Also, my test results showed up late Saturday night and, much as I had suspected, I am negative. Nice to have it confirmed though.)

The kids have really gotten into Perler beads lately (like the past week or so). Rachel was hard at work all week making various layers so she could make these double stuffed Oreos. Dave and I are often amazed at how creative (and weird) our kids are!
Rachel decided to cut some foliage to decorate the play centre. She was trying to make "curtains" with the cedar clippings but they weren't really staying up.
Sam, meanwhile, was practicing for ball with Dave. He really loves playing the catcher position this season.
I mentioned I was hungry and wanting to snack on some cheese while watching a movie so Rachel made popcorn and put some cheese in it!!! Truthfully, this made me feel kind of nauseous so she and Dave ate it all. She definitely gets an "A" for effort though.
It was a lazy day of watching movies and this was scene outside our living room window. It was Fall on our screen and Fall outside too.
I think Rachel was getting into the cheesy romance just as much as I was :)
I also baked a batch of buns this day so I was productive too. We combined them with carrot-dill soup for supper and it was the perfect Fall meal.
After we were done watching a few movies, Dave and the kids played a game. I wasn't in the mood for a game so I blogged at the table while they played.

And that was our October 10, 2020 -- a lazy, Fall, Saturday at home. It was actually pretty perfect.

Friday, October 09, 2020

Fall Photo A Day: Part 1

I'm quickly realizing how fast I run out of blogging ides when we're pretty much just going to school and work and staying at home. There's only so many times I can write about our day to day activities when nothing has really changed in the past few weeks. I don't know how many of you are running into this same issue but I can assure you, I'm not finding your blogs boring so you're clearly doing something right!

All this is to say that I've decided to (sort of) participate in an Instagram Fall photo challenge hosted by a blogger I read. I say "sort of" in that I'll be taking pictures every day but not posting them on Instagram. Instead I'm going to be posting a weekly round up of the photos on the blog every Friday.

I'm cheating to start because I took this first week of photos yesterday (or some of them last year -- gasp!) instead of over the previous week, but I think you'll forgive me because you're all nice like that :) So without further ado, here's the first week(ish) of my Fall photos.

image from here


Welcome to our house!

Fav Fall Drink
This photo is a cheat because it's from last year at Christmas, but my favourite fall drink is my friend's Bourbon Apple Cider which I haven't made yet this year.

Guilty Pleasure
This photo is also from last year. Dave needs to go grocery shopping and buy some red apples so I can make some apple nachos this weekend. I skip the marshmallows and add cinnamon. Yuuummmm!!!

Front Door
I made our Fall wreath ages ago, inspired by a friend who no longer blogs. I still really love it!

I wore my flannel shirt last night to be on a Zoom call for a Youth evening at church. However, I was still in my comfy yoga pants on the bottom! Yay Zoom! :) I bought this shirt and another one about five years ago at Target, on a trip to the States, and I still love them.

We're not a big football family around here. We much prefer our baseball. But the kids kindly tossed around the little Saskatchewan Roughriders football we bought when Sam was two so I could take this picture. Thanks kids!!! Plus, our Canadian Foortball League is just outright cancelled for this year so there is that...

In the fall and winter, our outside light goes on. We rarely use it in the spring and summer but this picture was taken at 8:05 and it's so dark already. I much prefer the lengthening days to the shorter days.

As the weather gets colder, I start wearing socks and these fake Converse shoes. I also have a grey pair to pull out at some point. I'm glad I work somewhere that I can get away with wearing these kinds of shoes all fall/winter/spring as I don't really love winter shoes.

Warm Cup Of...
Tea. In this case, decaffeinated black tea with milk and sugar. I drink a pot of that almost every afternoon/evening in the fall and winter.

I feel like the fall colours show off so well against the bright blue sky. I also tried to get some pictures of the colours against the grey skies but I couldn't do them justice.

Fav Place

This area of our yard (driveway) used to be the bane of my existence. (See here for a picture of it all weedy.) Then a few years ago, my parents helped me turn it into a rock garden (See here for that transformation). And now that I've replaced my summer annuals with fall mums, it is seriously one of my favourite places in our yard. I see it as soon as I step out the door and it makes me smile every time.

Also, now I'm thinking I need to make some apple nachos, some bourbon apple cider, and stream an old football game this weekend...

Thursday, October 08, 2020

Currently... October 2020

A few bloggers I follow linked up with the "Currently..." prompts yesterday. Although I'm not joining the link up, I thought I would share my answers to the prompts.


Honestly, the fall colours are amazing right now so every time I'm outside, I have to stop myself from taking a million pictures.


Absolutely nowhere. I've been fighting some minor ailments which means I can't go to work. It's been pretty frustrating. I've barely gone outside for a week now, although I was able to go to work on Tuesday so that was nice.

In a less literal "going" sense, Sam and I have been going through his room, specifically getting rid of all the clothes he's outgrown/refuses to wear.

The fact that you can see his footstool is a "win."


With all this enforced time at home, I've been working on making our Disney Cruise book from this past January. It's been bittersweet to remember when we could travel and when we could see my parents.


Well, yesterday I scheduled my second Covid test within one week so there's that. My first one was negative so here's hoping the second one is too. I want to be scheduling our fall family photos but I have to get healthy first.

from our family photos last "fall"


That Covid didn't exist and life would be "normal" again. I miss normal. I miss not being stressed every time I felt slightly under the weather. I miss being with my friends. I miss going to church. I wish there was a guarantee that we will get back to those things at some point soon.

Oh, I'm also wishing that Blogger hadn't changed their formatting because I find the default spacing in the new Blogger really irritating. I sometimes try to change it in the html formatting but, ugh, Blogger, just bring back single spacing, okay?!?!