Tuesday, September 22, 2020

10 On The 10th: Rachel's Point Of View

Remember how in my "10 on the 10th" post, I said that Rachel's version would be coming soon? Well, here it is. Enjoy!

Shortly into our walk, I discovered this cute (and silly!) little rock. I thought it would be a good way to kick off my "10 on the 10th" post. (Not literally "kick"!)

After we had been on the path for a bit, I saw this and it reminded me of the palm trees we saw in San Juan when we went on our Disney cruise. (The thing beside the palm tree looks like a fox.)

Taking selfies is fun but you need to have a good arm, the right angle, and a good time to get a good picture.
See what I said above about taking selfies!

Again, see what I said about selfies above :) I really like nature (and selfies!) so the two mix perfectly in this pic.
Flowers are red
My name is not Dave
This makes no sense
Selfie time!
Bonus picture of the original poem:

Sunflowers are beautiful and so are you!
Scarecrows scare the birds out of their feathers but this one 
I think is actually quite cute! Don't you?
Our feet look nice together!
Nature is good for selfies!

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoyed it. (PS. Minecraft is fun!)


Rachel :)

Monday, September 21, 2020

Hearing From The Kids

Allena posted a "back to school" survey a few weeks ago (about a month ago now). In honour of the first full week of school happening this week, I thought you might enjoy hearing from the kids. You can read Allena's post here. I also interspersed some back to school pictures throughout the years for your enjoyment as not every first day of school picture made it onto the blog :)

Favorite Color
Rachel: Any shade of blue
Sam: Transparent orange-ish-yellow (Sam is turning into a weird pre-teen. Hahaha!)

Sam's first day of JK, Sept 2013  
Favorite TV Show 
Rachel: "What's a TV show? Like Garfield...?" (Me: Yes!) Simpsons and Garfield
Sam: The Garfield Show and Simpsons

Sam's first day of SK, Sept 2014

Favorite Movie
Rachel: Frozen 2
Sam: Anything except for the Frozen movies (Me: Hahahahaha!!!)

Sam, Gr 1; Rachel, JK; Sept 2015 

Favorite Toy
Rachel: Funny Bunny
Sam: My Kobo

Favorite Book
Rachel: The Unicorn Diaries or the Famous Five
Sam: All of them!

Sam, Gr 2; Rachel, SK; Sept 2016

Favorite Food
Rachel: Marshmallows
Sam: Tacos

Favorite Place
Rachel: Friends' houses
Sam: My bed


Sam, Gr 3; Rachel, Gr 1; Sept 2017

Favorite Part of School
Rachel: Science
Sam: Recess

Favorite Part of Summer
Rachel: Swimming
Sam: Normally it would be baseball but this summer it was having more time to read.


Sam, Gr 4; Rachel, Gr 2; Sept 2018

Favorite Holiday
Rachel: Channukah and Christmas
Sam: Channukah and Christmas and my birthday and Easter and... all of them!

Favorite Thing to do with Mom
Rachel: Watch Disney Fairy Tale Weddings and answer blog post questions
Sam: Readathons

Favorite Thing to do with Dad
Rachel: Sing Stan Rogers' songs
Sam: Play baseball

Favorite Thing About Sam
Rachel: He plays with me.

Favourite Thing About Rachel:
Sam: She leaves me alone most of the time so I can read. I like to play with her, I guess.

Sam, Gr 5; Rachel, Gr 3; Sept 2019

What Are You Going to be When You Grow Up
Rachel: A vet
Sam: A baseball player. Or a YouTuber.

Who Are You Going to Marry
Rachel: How am I supposed to know?!?!?
am: I have absolutely no idea. I can't predict the future.


Rachel, Gr 4; Sept 2020

How Many Kids Will You Have
Rachel: How am I supposed to know?!?! Don't you decide that once you're married? Are you supposed to decide these things when you're nine??
Sam: See previous answer. (This is a direct quote by the way!)

Sam, Gr 6; Sept 2020

Monday, September 14, 2020

Down For The Count

Hello All! I am just popping in to say that due to a variety of factors I will not be around blog-land this week.

The main factor is that my computer got dropped over the weekend and it died. Dave is in the process of buying a new one for me but there are just a few things happening this week which means that getting me a new computer is not the first priority.

The first major happening is that, almost exactly six months since they last stepped into their school, Sam and Rachel are heading back to school (in person) TODAY!!! Their last day of in-person school was March 13. They will be going to school on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday this week and then back full-time starting next week. We are all very excited!!!

The second major happenings are activities for the kids. Whoo hoo!!! Rachel started dance on Saturday (with two hours of ballet and modern) and has another two hours today (jazz and the dance exam class). Additionally, Sam is getting a chance to play baseball for six weeks this fall. He had his first practice yesterday and has his first game tonight. (And of course they've grown out of their ballet shoes/baseball cleats/dance uniforms/baseball pants since the last time they did any of these things!)

The third major happening is that I am working full-time for the next few weeks. I have a half-written post coming about everything which has been happening with my work stuff but it shall remain half-written for a little bit yet :)

So, while I will be trying to read your blogs (on my phone), I will not be writing posts or commenting on your posts. I'm hoping this hiatus will last only for this week.

Thanks for understanding and, until I return, enjoy this picture of me indulging in a doughnut chocolate milkshake in celebration of Chocolate Milkshake Day on Saturday. Don't worry -- we shared two of these milkshakes among the four of us and it was still too much. Yum!

Friday, September 11, 2020

10 On The 10th: September 2020

It's time for September's "10 on the 10th" post so read on for a peek at what my September 10th looked like. Yesterday was not the best day as I left work early with a migraine and slept for most of the afternoon.

However, before supper, Dave, Rachel, and I walked to the dance store to buy ballet slippers for Rachel. (Note to self: Always try on ALL the previous years things (including shoes) before buying the new uniforms. You'll save yourself an extra trip to the dance store!). Thus, my ten pictures are all from our walk.

It was taking awhile for everyone (read: Dave!) to get out the door, so I took some pictures of the mums which are opening up more and more.
I've said this before, but I have a slight obsession with our path. I LOVE it! And I love railroad tracks heading off into the unknown (unintentional Frozen 2 reference there) and all their possibilities!
From small flowers to leaves starting to change colours, it was fun to take time to notice things.
Remember how last month, Dave was inspired to do his own "10 on the 10th"? Well, this month, Rachel was inspired so her post will be coming next week. I captured this picture of her taking a sunflower selfie.
We don't have many of these Little Free Pantries in our neighbourhood but I need to start carrying something to stock them when we see them because I love this idea.
Trip success -- Rachel got new ballet shoes!
Dave and Rachel heading home. Thanks for "joining us" on this walk.

Tuesday, September 08, 2020

Scenes From Sunday

This past Sunday was one of those days when I took one picture and then decided to try and be intentional about documenting our day. And it was such a good day! Dave and I started the day stressing about all the things we needed to do. After some re-evaluation, and because it was a cool day, we decided to cancel our swimming time. This opened up our day and alleviated a bunch of stress.

And then we decided to tackle some yard work, which wasn't even our original plan. Ooops. Above is the day lily bed which I've needed to work on since Spring. As it was the last thing I tackled, I ran out of energy (and time) about halfway through but I am determined to finish it this week. Hopefully you can see some edging (and cleaning) progress in the picture on the right.
garage bed before

Another bed that was stressing me out was the one by our garage. I started with this one and I'm sooooo happy with how it looks. Again, I needed to do edging and clear out dead leaves (from day lilies) and weeds.

Dave mowed the lawn (front and back) and went to work on the cedar hedge. We needed to weed it and edge it. Once the edging is done, we can add the mulch we've had sitting in our garage all summer.

Rachel asked if she could help with yard work in exchange for a Coke. We kept her busy for two hours and she didn't complain once. We figured she more than earned her Coke. The picture of her opening (wearing!) the yard waste bag is what inspired this whole post :)
I've had these shoes for ages and have been wearing them as my yard shoes. They've been falling apart all summer but I finally threw them out after this day. Hahaha!!!
The kids decided that it was time for The Great Stuffed Animal Takeover Of 2020. I especially love how you can hardly see Dave's desk!
After five months of not coming grocery shopping with me, Rachel really wanted to go this day so I decided to let her come with. Considering there were entire families shopping together, I felt okay about my decision. Also, we bought mums for the fall so it was helpful to have her pushing the cart. Dave ran an errand and then came to help us check out as one cart was entirely full of mums, plus I was carrying one more!
I loved my summer annuals but they were looking half dead and really awful. I'm sad my "before" picture is not that great. And since I can never get rid of anything green, I pulled all the dead stuff out and created a mini display with all the happy plants!
And the fence looks so much better with fresh mums to brighten it up!!!
Thanks to an Instagram friend, I've been craving Cheetos for a couple of weeks. So I had an afternoon snack of Cheetos and Palm Bay which is a vodka drink. It was kind of a gross combination :)
Sam played catch with a chair. He bounces the ball off the chair and it actually works pretty well!
At this point we really should have been working on supper but I decided to do some work in the front yard instead. I took all the half-dead pansies out of the window boxes and we planted a forsythia which Tim & Janice gave us. You can kind of see it in the picture on the right.

We had BBQ for supper and Dave was thrilled to be able to use the new BBQ for the first time. Yes, this is the BBQ we bought at the end of May and which got put together last week.
I'd heard really good things about The One & Only Ivan so I wanted to watch it as a family. I also had a ton of laundry to fold so I multi-tasked. Sadly, I still have a load left to fold.
And Rachel wore a very appropriate nightgown which Tessa handed down to her!

And that was our Sunday. I was very sore yesterday (Monday) from all the yard work but, in between rain showers, I walked around and admired everything we'd gotten done -- it made me so happy!!!