Monday, June 27, 2011

Saturday, June 18

Tash Wiebe called in the morning and brought us some food from market. She also got to meet Rachel. She also took Sam for a few hours to the African Showcase which included, much to Sam's delight, some African drumming. And it was her birthday!

Mom did a whole bunch of laundry, I think Dad ran some errands, and Dave and I rested. We also sent out the "Rachel is here" e-mail and received lots of welcoming e-mails in return. We also talked with Donny and Marika briefly which was nice. (The night before we had talked to Tim and Janice and Dave called his family, but we couldn't get a hold of Donny and Marika.)

Barb came to visit to see how Rachel was doing and Dave and I took afternoon naps when Rachel did, even though she slept fairly well the first night. (From what I remember she was only up every couple of hours and she didn't have any long wakeful periods.)

Auntie Elena, from New Mom's, came to meet Rachel and brought us some super yummy cinnamon buns. That night we ordered pizza for supper.

Dave and I went to bed early, and Sam stayed up to play with Oma and Opa and had a complete blast! At least from what we can see in the pictures, it looks like Sam had a complete blast :) And it even looks like Opa let Sam take some pictures with his camera!

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