Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What's been happening...

Life with a toddler and a newborn is a little insane! And to top it off our house is undergoing some pretty major renovations this summer. The wall and roof which were falling apart in January, are being fixed. So we headed to my mom and dad's in Saskatoon for an undetermined amount of time. We were told the renos would be done in about "2-3 weeks" which given that we left Edmonton on July 6, meant we should have been able to go home around July 21-28. However, now we are being told we should be able to come back by August 7. We'll see how that works out... There's been a lot of rain in Edmonton this month so supposedly that hasn't helped the reno process.

Saskatoon has been a good place to be this summer. And because Dave hadn't been to southern Saskatchewan yet, we left yesterday for a short visit to Regina and Moose Jaw. So that's where I'm coming to you from today -- Regina. Currently, Rachel is sleeping and Sam and Dave are at the swimming pool in our hotel.

I uploaded a whole bunch of photos for posts when we were at Cafe O Play at the end of June so maybe I'll go back to those posts and try to remember what was happening each day. And I'll look at my photos from the rest of the days and see what all I can remember. And from now on I'll try to be a bit better about blogging. Sadly, Miss Rachel has her fussy and "wanting to nurse every half hour" period in the evenings and that's when I usually had the most time to blog so it really hasn't been happening lately. But I promise you (whoever "you" might be!) that I'll try to be a bit better about it.

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