Sunday, July 31, 2011

Friday, July 22, 2011

This morning Mom, Dad, Rachel, Sam and I drove to Rosthern to visit Grandma Ewert. Sadly, she was busy with getting her bath and her hair done so I wasn't able to take any pictures :( We did take a few minutes to visit with Harry though :) One thing Mom pointed out is that everyone was interested in Rachel and Sam. I don't think they get many young people visiting at Pineview. Or at old age homes in general.

One thing I noticed is that Grandma sure can move, considering she's 104 years old. Wow!

For lunch we went to Laird and visited with Auntie Myrna. We had really good vegetable soup and Dad fixed Auntie Myrna's clock. Auntie Myrna brought up a bird book she had which has bird calls as a part of it. When you press the right number you can hear the bird's call. Sam LOVED it and Auntie Myrna even let him borrow it for awhile.

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