Saturday, July 30, 2011

Monday, July 11, 2011

aka Sam's Big Brother Present from Oma and Opa

Today Oma and Opa went shopping came back with some presents for Sam. Because now he is a Big Brother, you know.

Sam enjoyed the bubbles, especially when Opa dropped the fork in them, but that wasn't the main event!

They brought him a guitar!!! What an excellent gift :)

The only thing "wrong" with the guitar was that it didn't have a strap. But Opa fixed that pretty quickly and then all was well!

Once the guitar had a strap it was totally ready to go! One really cute thing was that Sam was playing his guitar and tapping his foot in time to the beat. It was hysterical! Opa took a really cute video of Sam and Daddy playing guitar together but we haven't been able to upload videos to our blog in forever so unfortunately I can't show it here. Sorry.

Then Sam decided to take his act on the road! Sadly he had to be his own roadie :)

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