Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Today was the MOPS play date at Laurier Park. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures so the pictures in this post are all of Sam's haircut from yesterday. sigh.

The play date was fun although Sam didn't eat. He just played and played and played the entire time. About half the time I didn't even know where he was. Ooops :) Thankfully he was fine. I enjoyed getting to eat while other people enjoyed getting to hold Rachel. It was awesome!

Now for pictures of Sam's haircut, including his green hair, which he LOVED!

Sam did an AWESOME job of staying still while the hairdresser used a razor on his hair. His cut was super short for summer and it looks so good! Sam even sat on the elephant this time and really enjoyed it.

I LOVE it when he gets his spikes! I get such visions of him as a pre-teen. And he looked even cooler with green hair :)

Our son, the punk rocker! He even has the hand motions down!

We have such an adorable son! Not that I'm biased or anything :)

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