Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sunday, July 17, 2011

This morning Sam, Rachel and I went to Costco and Safeway with Oma and Opa. We had a lot of fun and I bought some cute clothes for Marcia and Jason's baby, who is due at the end of August. At Safeway they had a major deal on Crispix -- $2.50 a box -- so I bought four boxes. If we had been at home I would have bought about twelve!

Then Mom and Dad went out for supper and Sam, Rachel, Dave and I headed to Fuddruckers for supper. Dave had heard about Fuddruckers from Joel and Rhoda so really wanted to eat there. I think he enjoyed his burger!

After Fuddruckers we stopped at StupidStore (SuperStore) to see if they had slippers but they didn't. We picked up bowls for Sam, a new Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants book for me and an Aquadoodle for Sam. I'd been wanting to get him one for awhile and he really enjoyed playing with it tonight. Unfortunately, he thinks the bowls are also a part of the Aquadoodle and won't play with it unless he has them. Oh well...

Since StupidStore didn't have slippers, we stopped at WalMart on the way home and I got slippers, Dave got slippers and Sam got slippers. We also bought new shoes for Sam (they were only $5) since he seems to have outgrown the ones we bought him in January. Holy cow do his feet grow?!?!

It was a very nice evening, marred only by the fact that I thought tomorrow was the 17th so didn't realize until quite late that Rachel turned one month old today! Happy One Month Birthday to my darling daughter from your very forgetful Mommy :)

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