Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesday, June 21

Mom and Dad left this day and we were on our own as a family of four. sob :( Marcia came and picked Sam up and took him to New Mom's so we had a morning on our own with Rachel which was AWESOME! As I recall -- Rachel did not sleep well the previous night and we needed sleep. By the time Sam got home we felt more ready for our day since we had had time for a nap! Yay!

Oma, Opa and Rachel

Rachel escaping from her Swaddle-Me.
And hanging out in the bouncy seat.

The flowers Dave's family sent.

A few photos of Miss Rachel. She actually isn't upset in the first one, surprisingly!

Sam enjoying a new favourite treat, Veggie Straws from Costco. During Sam's naps I would eat Veggie Straws, drink Coke and read one of my "In Death" series' books to get some down time and have a chance to recuperate.

Auntie Sheri came to meet Miss Rachel. And Dave got to hold Tevan for the first time. Naden and Sam had a blast (!) playing together and it was a lovely time.

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