Sunday, July 31, 2011

Monday, July 18, 2011 - Tuesday, July 19, 2011

These two days were VERY hot so not a lot happened. Although on Tuesday morning Mom and I went shopping at StupidStore. Much as we like calling it "StupidStore" we also like shopping at their Joe Clothing line. So I bought two dresses and an awesome blue button down shirt for the fall. Mom bought a dress, a skirt, some shirts and some awesome pjs. One thing I realized is that being post-partum and nursing a lot of clothes either don't fit me comfortably or just aren't practical (ie spaghetti straps). sigh. Eventually this too will pass but for right now it's a little frustrating. sigh.

Dave rototilled around the garden and Opa and Sam leveled the back path while Mom, Rachel and I were in town. That afternoon we had a tour of all the yard work which was accomplished while we were gone. And we had gin and tonics. Then I had to have a nap because I got an instant headache. I guess I can't hold my alcohol any more! :)

Now for some cute pictures of Miss Rachel from a few days ago! She really seemed to like this position. This is also the day before her one-month birthday and the closest to a one-month picture of her we have.

Some of the MANY batches of buns Mom has been baking. We've been going through them like they're going out of style :)

Sam has really been enjoying holding Baby Rachel and it's been so sweet to see!

Rachel needed a face wash and her hair got all curly. It was sooo cute :)

Sam and Opa playing a duet on their "guitars"! Sam is soo cute with his guitar. Do you get the sense I think my children are absolutely adorable?!?! I think it's a mother's privilege :)

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