Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

aka Our Third Anniversary!

Today was actually a busy day :) We took Sam for a haircut in the morning and we were only ten minutes late (for a fifteen minute-long appointment, mind you!) because Rachel spit up on herself as we were leaving. sigh. Then she slept through the whole appointment as witnessed below:

We stopped at Costco and picked up the birth announcements and then I dropped of Sam and Dave at home while I scarfed lunch. Then I took Rachel to meet Vivian, my hairdresser. And I also got a bang trim.

After Vivian had a chance to meet Rachel, I went to KHRG so that my co-workers there could meet her. Then I rushed home because Jenn Epp was coming to meet Rachel. It was a busy few hours! Jenn brought Rachel a super-cute outfit. It was funny because the day we found out Rachel was a girl Dave and I bought an outfit for her at Sears and Jenn brought Rachel the same outfit in a different colour! Which actually Dave and I like better than the one we got for her! Ha!

Today was our third anniversary and we were going to go out for dinner but there was a HUGE thunderstorm and I was tired so we ended up just watching episodes of Friends downstairs. We're going to try and go out again on Friday for lunch because hopefully I won't be so fried at lunch.

Mom and Dad sent us flowers for our anniversary and they replicated my wedding bouquet. It was the best surprise ever!!! It wasn't much of an anniversary celebration but I think that's life with two kids, one of whom is less than two weeks old. We'll try for a better celebration next year!

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