Sunday, July 31, 2011

Saskatchewan Legislature

Sam and Rachel had good naps at the hotel and I caught up on some blogging. It felt good to begin the catching up process. After his nap, Sam went swimming at the hotel with Dave. He had a blast! Then we went to The Mongolie Grill for supper. Sam surprised us by showing how he could use chopsticks!

After supper we went to the Saskatchewan Legislature. It was a fairly cool tour and we were the only ones on it. The Leg was built using 38 different kinds of marble, with only one type coming from Canada, Quebec to be specific. The wood carving was all done by one person. He was 17 and it took him four years. And the dome, like the Alberta one, is actually higher outside and the lighting you see inside is florescent.

This is where the government actually sits in session. And Sam has really gotten the hang of these cardboard cutouts. I think he looks sooo cute here!

The Saskatchewan Legislature has one of the biggest landscaped grounds in the world, according to my dad. We only saw a small piece of them!

After the tour, Sam received a helium balloon. Since we really don't like him having balloons we convinced him to let it go once we were outside. It was such a clear night we could see it float away forever -- well, okay, for about ten minutes though. It was amazing.

This is a statue of The Queen. This horse was presented to her by the RCMP in 1969 and it was raised in Saskatchewan. Supposedly The Queen rode this horse until 1987. I didn't know that and thought it was pretty amazing! And beside her is Sam showing off some of the beautiful flowers on the grounds.

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