Sunday, July 31, 2011

Drive to Regina and IPSCO Wildlife Park

Since I'm now caught up within a few days I'll start giving my posts "real" names again. This post is for last Monday, July 25. I finally got to sleep in after three days of getting up early and out the door as quickly as possible to get places. Uncle Vic dropped in as we were eating breakfast and so by the time we got out the door it was 11:00. Oh well. We didn't have to be anywhere at any specific time.

Mom and Dad suggested stopping at Penny's or Peggy's (they couldn't remember which it was) in Chamberlain for lunch. It was a pretty neat place and I had grilled cheese and a salad and Dave had a bison burger. We took a picture of this sign to help Mom and Dad remember the name!

And Rachel enjoyed the chance to just lie around and kick a bit!

Then we drove the rest of the way to Regina, with a brief stop in Lumsden so I could show Dave around where Auntie Myrna, Uncle Reg, Ward, Ray and Krista used to live. Sadly, we couldn't find their old house but Auntie Myrna told me the following Saturday that I was on the right street. Oh well. At least Dave got to see Lumsden. We found our hotel and then headed out to the IPSCO (or Ervuz as it's called now) Wildlife Park.

It turns out that this is where Auntie Myrna used to take us swimming at the IPSCO pool. Sam enjoyed running around after the geese and kept wanting to "touch and kiss them." We convinced him that was a "bad idea" and he was content to just walk after them. He was so cute to watch.

They also some other wildlife there but the geese were definitely Sam's favourite part!

Sam spent a lot of time riding on Daddy's shoulders.

This chair was a great place for a family picture!

And one more picture of Sam doing his favourite thing!

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