Saturday, July 30, 2011

Thursday, July 7- Saturday, July 9, 2011

Our time in Saskatoon has been good and filled with many things such as mosquitoes. They are the worst they have been around here in years and it makes it hard to go out. Ever since we've discovered that Sam's bites are much better if you get Polysporin on them quickly, that's been great though.

Rachel had her first tummy time. Fortunately she doesn't freak out like Sam did when we put her on her tummy though :) In fact, she almost falls asleep.

Rachel also got a bath. She loved it -- again -- and was so warm and cozy afterwards in her towel!

We've been eating A TON of fresh garden produce. I've discovered that Swiss Chard stir fried in butter is absolutely delicious. Yum yum yum! Also, Mom has been making lots of lettuce, onion and dill salads and I've been eating that like it's going out of style :) Soooo good!

Sam on the other hand, has been enjoying all the fresh strawberries. Especially in milkshakes!

Rachel, on the other hand, has loved lying around. Especially outside in her Pogy crib. She's been sleeping amazingly well at night -- 5-6 hour stretches almost every night, which rocks!

Sam has loved playing with all the toys he only gets to see at Oma and Opa's. And Dave and Dad, with a little help from Uncle Arlyn, set up a screen tent on the deck to shelter us from the mosquitoes and Sam's had some great waterplay time out there. It's also a nice place to sit!

The only downside about these past few days have been my itchy legs. They aren't getting any better and it's been really frustrating. Dave's been putting the hydrocortisone cream on them and that's helped somewhat. Fortunately they are only extremely bad at night, when my pjs are touching them so that's a good thing. The rest of the day they are bearable.

And to end off this post -- here are some lovely pictures of Sam and Baby Rachel, as he calls her. He's been asking to hold her a lot more lately and it's wonderful.

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