Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sunday, June 19

This was a busy day full of visitors and my first post-birth shower. With Sam I wasn't able to shower for quite a few days after he was born and I was so weak that Dave had to basically hold me up. With Rachel I showered completely on my own except I couldn't reach my legs :) So Dave helped me with those.

Sam wanted to hold her so that was awesome! And it was Father's Day so we got some pictures of Dave with both of his children.

Then Krista and Craig and Jake and Parker came to meet Rachel and brought us lunch. It was good to see them and Dave, Dad and Craig enjoyed Father's Day beers!

The last picture in the top row is the dads with their children! What a crowd :)

Krista and Craig brought Sam a "big brother" gift which was very thoughtful of them. Sam LOVED it!!! After Krista and Craig left, Auntie Marcia came to meet Rachel.

Then Kim, Jacqui, Alliah and Seth came to meet Rachel. Alliah and Seth even held her although they were scared to do it! It was a busy day for Miss Rachel, meeting so many people but she did awesome with it :)

Opa entertained Sam by playing guitar with him!
Sam was in heaven.

And I leave you with one last picture of Rachel from her day.
And she actually has her eyes open.

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