Sunday, July 31, 2011

Saturday, July 23-Sunday, July 24, 2011

This past weekend was the Lehn reunion, which is my Grandma Krahn's side of the family. Since it was happening at Shekinah and since us being out of the house meant that Dave would have the chance to do a lot of work, we decided to go. It was an interesting weekend :)

On Saturday after supper Rachel got a door prize for being the youngest attendee of the reunion -- some awesome pink onesies, some cards and a Scentsy thing. I still have to figure out what to do with it! Sam also got a door prize of two splash balls, two splash footballs and a splash frisbee, plus some plastic catchers. He LOVED it and spent a lot of time playing with them.

The best part of the weekend, for me, was the auction on Saturday night with the proceeds going to cancer research. Uncle Vic was the auctioneer and he was pretty funny! I bought Dutch Blitz and a picture of Grandma Krahn dressed up as her sister's "boyfriend." I wanted to get the picture of Grandpa tying Grandma's shoes on their wedding day but Grandma wanted it so I decided not to bid against her.

There was also a piece of crochet done by Great-Grandma Lehn but again I decided not to bid on it because one of her granddaughters was. There were some stupid things people brought to the auction but there were also some really beautiful things. Aunt Louise had knit a pair of mittens which Dad was going to buy for Sam, after Aunt Louise pointed out that they fir him perfectly, but he stopped bidding after Aunt Theresa bid $100 for them. Dad said $99 was his limit!

Uncle Vic got Sam to bid a couple of times by saying, "Opa's #1!" and then Sam would put his hand in the air! So Opa bought a few things he wasn't planning on getting :) But at the end, Sam said, "Uncle Vic's #1!" and Uncle Vic was stuck with an old chair for $50 so the joke was on him. Ha ha ha!!!

Sunday morning there was a worship service which I was really looking forward to but it was disappointing so I felt very homesick for Waterloo North. We came home after lunch because we were all exhausted and Dave and I got ready to go to Regina and Moose Jaw, at least as much as we could.

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