Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New Mom's Group

So today Sam slept until 9:40am. Which is sort of good but sort of not. We tried the "skipping the nap" thing to see if he goes to bed earlier tonight. We'll see how THAT works out. Fortunately today is Tuesday and Tuesday is New Mom's Group day! We LOVE LOVE LOVE Tuesdays.

On the way to New Mom's we did a few errands so we didn't get to Jenelle's until 11:00 and we were still the first ones there. Olivia and Marcia didn't come today because Olivia has a bad cold and Elena, Thomas and Saige didn't come either. But Sheri, Naden and Tevan showed up a little after we did and we all hung out until almost 2! I think Sam, Kelsey and Naden had fun as evidenced by the pictures below. And I got to eat TWO slices of Jenelle's homemade bread. Oh yummy yum yummmmm :)

Sam and I had to grocery shop and pick up pictures on the way home so we didn't get home until after 3. Then we ate lunch and I did some dishes. Some of the very very very many dishes we have to do. sigh...

Now I'm blogging and Dave is making supper -- thank heavens. I'm so tired I could have a nap... Yawn...

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