Tuesday, May 24, 2011

May 6, 2011

This was the day of Dave's eye surgery. I dropped him off at the Royal Alex Hospital at 10 and then took Sam to Kindermusik, fed him lunch, and he went back to Olivia's. Dave's surgery was scheduled for 1:45pm but, as we were starting to get used to, things were running late. He left for surgery around 3:30. The amusing thing was that they had Dave mark above the eye that was supposed to have surgery and I thought he had gotten some sort of weird tattoo or burn!

They brought Dave back from surgery and it turned out that he had had a general anesthetic so he was pretty wiped out. We were a little freaked out because the surgeon's orders were that Dave needed to be lying face down, and we thought that might have to be the case for a week, which seemed a lot more difficult than lying on his left side. We have an after-surgery picture but I'm not going to post it. They wanted to keep Dave in the hospital overnight so I went and picked Sam up at Olivia's, where he was just getting back from having ice cream.

The saving grace in all of this was that I knew Sam was getting AWESOME care, thanks mostly to Jason and Marcia and Olivia and that he was fine. It was a huge stress relief to not have to worry about Sam during this time.

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