Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Making food

One of things I wanted to do was cook meals before Knut comes. I don't feel like we need as many meals as we had when Sam was born (27 2-litre freezer containers full) but I wanted to have some. Since my moving around ability has been compromised, I asked Dave to help me. Yesterday we made beef stew (3 containers) and today we made goulash and cream of carrot-cheddar soup (3 containers of each). So now our freezer is more stocked. Hopefully Knut won't arrive before this weekend and we can get another couple of meals in the freezer. The meals were a lifesaver when Sam was an infant and I'm hoping these will provide the same comfort and ease of life!

Chopping potatoes.

The after-effect of peeling everything!

The final product: a lot of (veggie) beef stew!

In other news today -- we watched Boston beat Tampa Bay in hockey (Yay!) and Sam enjoyed watching hockey and colouring his thank you cards for his birthday presents. We're a little behind on those but slowly, surely, things are getting done.

Also, I went to see Marcia's awesome, amazing, miraculous massage/accupressure/cranial sacral person, Sheila, this morning, and I CAN WALK!!! Without pain! And roll over in bed! Without groaning! I feel like a new person. Sheila is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G and I am so thankful for what she did.

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