Monday, May 30, 2011

38 weeks

So Knut is 38 weeks today. Technically he/she could be arriving anytime now. Good thing we're almost ready for him/her. Physically we have everything we need, his/her laundry is all washed and put away, his/her Moses basket is ready to go as is the first outfit. Meals are made and frozen and Sam's big brother gift is bought (as of today). And Knut's mural is done. So really all we need is the baby.

BUT... I'd like a few more days (or a week) to get some other things done around the house. I know I will get NOTHING done once Knut gets here -- at least not for a few weeks, or a month :)

I'm feeling okay. My walking isn't great -- I'm not hobbling but I'm not competing for the world's most competent walker ever right now! Knut feels like he/she is taking up A LOT of room and can be very squirmy still. Elbows, knees and who knows what all are making my stomach VERY interesting to watch these days! So here are Knut and I at 38 weeks. We'll see if you get a 39 week post next week or a "Knut is here!!!" post before that :)

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