Monday, May 30, 2011

Sam and Olivia

So we had Olivia on Saturday morning. Okay, technically, Dave had Olivia and Sam while I went to one scheduled and one unscheduled appointment :) My favourite story is that Dave was doing dishes and heard a very LOUD burp from Sam. Sam then said, "I had a Big Burp!" and Dave said, "It was definitely a LOUD burp." And Sam replied, "No, I had a Big Burp! We need some towels." (During his illness at the end of March/beginning of April, Sam referred to throwing up as "big burps" and we used lots of towels to clean things up. He also threw up this past Tuesday and again, out came the towels, so Dave was a little concerned at this point.)

So Dave goes to check, and sure enough, there's a little bit of throw up on the floor. Sam had been fine for a few days so Dave said, "What happened?" and Sam replied, "I ate the drumstick!" Sam has been sticking his toy drumstick in his mouth recently so Dave was easily able to surmise what had happened!!! When Dave told me this story, showing me the drumstick he had confiscated, I laughed and laughed and laughed :) Hopefully Sam has learned his lesson about what happens when you "eat the drumstick!

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