Tuesday, May 24, 2011

May 13 - 20, 2011

So Thursday after Dave's awesome eye appointment, we headed to Saskatchewan. It was a bit of a crazy trip since we didn't know until two hours before we left that we WOULD be able to go. But it was a good decision.

Friday, we went to Laird to help Auntie Myrna sort things for a garage sale the next day. Dave was able to help out with some computer stuff so he felt useful, which was good! Dad took Sam to Laird Manufacturing (Ted, Elaine and Katrina Regier's lawn mowing place) and Sam had a good time and got a cap. He looked like such a little farm boy. So cute!

I mostly sat out in the sun on Auntie Myrna's back deck and visited with Mom, Auntie Lorna and Grandma. Grandma has a boyfriend, Harry, and she talked about him A LOT! It is neat to see her so happy.

Saturday, we went back out to Laird to help out with the garage sale. It was another LOVELY day of sitting in the sun, relaxing. Sam had fun helping Oma, Opa and Grandma Lorna work in Auntie Myrna's flower beds. And Dave installed Scrabble on Auntie Myrna's computer which might have been the highlight of her weekend!

On Sunday, Dave did a bunch of work, I sat in the sun (are you sensing a theme here?!?!) and Dad set up Liam and Ainsley's old play centre for Sam. He also found a trike for Sam to ride. Sam LOVED being outside and never wanted to come in!

Monday, Auntie Myrna came to Mom and Dad's and there was more sitting around. It was so beautiful and sunny in Saskatoon and Mom and Dad's deck is the BEST place to relax. In fact, it's so relaxing I have no pictures of it. I was too relaxed :)

Sam had an awesome week doing pretty much whatever he wanted. He discovered that Opa's truck was a super-fun place to play and enjoyed going to the "concert" (quonset) and "Shoppers" (the shop) and Valley Road (just to where Oma and Opa's driveway met it) whenever he possibly could. Even a few misadventures (falling of the seat onto the floor) in Opa's truck didn't deter him!

As usual Oma's cooking was the highlight of the week. Sam enjoyed helping Oma bake bread and also discovered "making sandwiches" from Opa, as well as supso. I'm telling you this child was spoiled!

To be honest, Mommy and Daddy were spoiled too! We got to sleep in, have meals provided (we tried to help as much as possible but we weren't able to do much, especially at the beginning of the week), Mom did our laundry, and Dave got a lot of time to work, and I got time to read three books and catch up on all my back issues of Today's Parent and on some of Sam and Knut's baby books. That felt awesome to get so much done! And of course, lots of relaxing in the sun :)

The other thing we really got into was watching The Stanley Cup playoffs. Vancouver, being the only Canadian team, was really exciting to watch, and in the other series we're cheering for Boston. As Dave said, "At least they get snow sometimes!" It is very exciting to watch hockey on the big screen!

The last night in Saskatoon we had a wiener roast and it was so much fun! Sam enjoyed roasting wieners for the first time and I enjoyed watching him! He was so funny!

Friday it was time to say good-bye to Saskatoon and head back to Edmonton. We got back in time for a midwife appointment with Barb who shared the good news that Knut is now "engaged." This means that his/her head is descended in the pelvis. This is great news (he/she is no longer breech) but also freaked Dave and I out a little and so we headed to Babies R Us to buy a carseat, and mattress pad and sheets and change pads for the change table. And it also led to all the work we did over the next few days, which you can read about in later blog posts!

Friday night for dinner we went to The Olive Garden and had an excellent supper with Mom and Dad. It was awesome to just relax a little and enjoy the evening.

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