Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sam, the midwife

I'm hoping that this post doesn't become as prophetic as this one did but I'm sharing anyways! Barb, and her student midwife, Tracy, came to our house on Saturday for our home visit. As always, the highlight of the visit (for me) was hearing Knut's heartbeat. After Barb listened to it with her special equipment, she said that Dave might be able to hear it just by putting his ear to my stomach. So Dave tried and he COULD hear Knut's heartbeat, without instruments. I guess it was cool!

Barb used a stethoscope so that I
could hear Knut's heartbeat.

Sam putting the gel on the Doppler, which allows everyone
to hear Knut's heartbeat but with a little more interference.

Sam has the whole routine down. Here he is
turning on the Doppler.

As a special treat Sam even got to hold the Doppler himself.
I'm helping him here because it was kind of slippery,
you know, with the gel and all :)

Sam has this part of the midwifery routine down cold!

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