Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dave the midwife!

This past Saturday, Barbara, our midwife, came to our house for a home visit. Even though we are delivering at the hospital, she wanted to see our space, since we plan to labour here as long as possible. It will be more comfortable/fun/easier to be at home to do as much labouring here, in our opinion!

Anyways, at the past few appointments Dave has gotten to be a lot more involved in finding and listening to Attila's heartbeat. Since we were at home, we asked Barbara to take a few pictures. The first picture is Dave using a wooden horn, which has an official name, but I forget what it is. The second picture is Dave using the Doppler. This means that I can hear it too!

As you can tell, it's still exciting for us to hear Attila's heartbeat. It's also kind of funny because the Doppler measures the heartbeat as it picks it up and when Barbara prodded Attila his/her heartbeat went up to 170 beats a minute. Before that it was in the 130-140 range :) Obviously, Attila doesn't like being prodded!

(For those who care, Attila was exactly 37 weeks in this picture, which is considered full term.)

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