Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Car

Because of Attila's impending arrival, we needed a new car. Specifically, we wanted a car which had four doors so that we wouldn't need to be lifting a baby in and out of the back seat of a hatchback. So much as we loved our old car, we did some research, and decided to invest in a Toyota Matrix. Here are some pictures of both our old car -- Good bye Sean :( -- and our new car -- Hello Car-yet-to-be-named.

Natasha and Attila with Sean (our old car) in front of our house,
the day we traded him in. Natasha is still sad about this :(

With only 58km on the odometer when we
left the dealership this car really IS new!

Dave in front of our new car, which is parked in front of our house.

Another view of the new car. With the four
doors it really is more family-friendly.

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