Saturday, March 28, 2009

March nursery additions

While March has not been as busy as February in the nursery there are still a few new additions. We have decided to go with a diaper service and about a week ago we got our first delivery! Attila's bottom will be arrayed in brightly coloured cloth diapers. (Unless we're traveling -- in which case we'll use disposables.) And here is the change table all stocked!
We also have a lot of bibs, burp clothes, and washcloths ready to go. They are waiting to go in our handy IKEA hanging-thing.
And last, but not least, Dave installed a closet bar so we can hang some clothes of Attila's -- once he/she moves beyond sleepers and onesies. Dave also spent some time hanging pictures (of which we don't have pictures!) so now all we need to have a complete nursery is... Attila!

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