Sunday, May 01, 2011

Some of Natasha's birthday celebration

Tomorrow is my "official birthday" but today was filled with some birthday celebrations which worked better to have happen today. This afternoon Dave and I went for High Tea at Rutherford House, which we found out was the house of Alberta's first premier. Who knew?!? High Tea was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G and Dave and I have decided that we need to experience some more High Teas at some different establishments. However they will have a lot to live up to! Below is Rutherford House from the outside.

Dave and I with our tea, Lady Rutherford's blend of Earl Grey and jasmine.

When the tea treats came Dave and I were amazed and awed by both the quantity and the presentation. I LOVED that none of the china matched! We had cucumber and egg salad sandwiches, cream cheese pinwheels, dainties (including fennel shortbread and chocolate chip cookies), and then the crowing glory -- scones with raspberry butter and Devonshire cream. Oh yum!

Here are Dave and I with our scones and cream. They were SO GOOD! Dave doesn't remember having had scones with cream before and I think he really enjoyed them :) I know I did!

I started the day off with a wonderful pedicure, including a scrub and paraffin wax treatment. I enjoyed it, although I did miss my friend Janice and our tradition of having pedicures together. Just another reason to look forward to returning to Ontario!!! Below are the before and after pictures. Don't my feet look awesome?!!?

It's been a GREAT day -- I can't wait to see what tomorrow holds :)

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