Tuesday, May 24, 2011

May 5, 2011

The previous Saturday (April 30), Dave and Sam both had optometrist appointments. The optometrist was impressed with Sam's ability to identify letters, instead of identifying pictures.

However, the optometrist was less pleased with some retinal tears he found in Dave's eyes. The short story is that Sam spent most of Saturday at Olivia's and the evening with Auntie Tasha. Dave and I spent most of the day (2-10:30) at the Royal Alex Hospital, mostly waiting around for the opthamologist residents to see him. They decided to do some laser surgery that evening but it didn't work out. So Dave had to make an appointment to see a retinal specialist for the following week. It turned out this appointment was set for Thursday at 10:30. We were told to expect it to take about two hours.

Sadly, this conflicted with Olivia's birthday party. Marcia and Jason kindly agreed to take Sam so we dropped him off early and headed to the appointment. The office was running REALLY behind so I headed back to the party to spend some time with Sam. It turns out that the retinal specialist couldn't see Dave until 2 so Sam went down to nap at Olivia's and I rushed back to the office to be with Dave.

The specialist did some laser surgery on one of Dave's eyes but decided he needed more intensive surgery the next day for the other eye. The outcome of this surgery would be that Dave would need to spend a week lying mostly on his left side and wouldn't be able to lift anything heavier than 20 pounds. sigh. We ended up spending 6 1/2 hours at the office since it was one of the busiest days the office had ever had. We picked Sam up and headed home for the evening.

The one amusing part of the day was that Sam, Olivia and Kelsey got into Olivia's diaper cream! However, only Olivia had diaper cream on her fingers :) Sam and Kelsey had it on their cheeks so we think we know what happened. It was actually VERY funny!

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