Wednesday, February 20, 2013

"What Did You Learn In School Today?"

This morning I took Rachel to check out her preschool for next year. It's the same school where Sam goes now but I wasn't sure if Rachel would be ready or not. She definitely proved that she is ready and will have an awesome time!
She hung up her jacket nicely in a cubby.
She rolled up her sleeves to wash her hands.
She ate snack with the other kids like a big girl
and participated nicely in circle time.
And she had fun playing with Nancy in the gym.

She will be going one morning a week starting in September. The only problem is going to be her freaking out every time we drop Sam off between now and then (twice a week, thank you very much!) because she doesn't get to stay yet.


  1. Great that she loved it! And great for you that you will get that break next school year :)

  2. So glad she is going to get to go to school! I have loved that for both of my boys. They get so many extra opportunities that they just can't get at home as they get to make more friends and just explore and play in a new environment. She looks like she will do just fine! Brody loves going to his school and just walks into his classroom most days without looking back.

  3. It's great that she loved it. She looks big.

    1. It was a huge comfort to me that she did so well. Now I definitively know that she'll love it next year. And yeah, it makes me a little sad to see how grown up she's getting. That picture of her at the sink just makes my stomach sink a little :(


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