Friday, February 08, 2013

For Your Viewing Pleasure...

...we have ordered up a snow day!!! Even the universities are all closed. And it takes A LOT for the universities to close in this area. (I think it happened once in my four years there due to weather. Once due to a bomb scare, unusually enough. And Dave thinks it maybe happened once ("or maybe twice???") in his time there.) So here's the once in four or five year snow-closing event, as witnessed in our yard by Dave at 7:15am today.
Come and visit, if you can get through. Our Christmas (now designated as "Winter") decorations are still out to greet you!
Unfortunately, for your kids, our sandbox is a little buried, and I can't show you my lovely gardens. (Well, I can show them to you, there just isn't much to see.)
I'd even offer to come and pick you up but, again, I'm not sure where our car is!
We do have some lovely snow to play in though -- tobogganing, snow angel making and other fun games await you. (Sadly (and thankfully!) it's not wet (or heavy) enough to make snowmen with.)
Just come and visit before Monday when the rain will likely wash it all away!


  1. CRAZY!!! Needless to say...we don't see that kind of thing in Georgia. EVER. Except on TV. Or blogs, as the case may be.

  2. Man, everything just looks beautiful when covered in snow. I am a tad jealous. I was really hoping for some of that stuff this year, but sadly, the chances are not looking good...especially since ol' Phil the Groundhog predicts an early Spring. Ha! So come on and ship a little down here. Glad it isn't the wet and heavy stuff...that stuff is too cold and doesn't make good snow cream. Do you know about snow cream? Google is so good and very easy to make! :-)


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